Interview with Unshine’s front woman,

Susanna Vesilahti


 So, tell me first what got you into the rock world?
– It was a bit like an accident;). The boys had a rock band with male singer, and one day they wanted to try with a female singer. They had heard that I can sing (we have known somehow each other before I went to the band), so they asked me to come to the rehearsals. And the rest is history..:) From that day it has been clear to all of us that this is the band and music we want to play.

Was it hard for you to perform in a metal band being a woman?
– Not at all! I have always felt like home with the guys. We get very well together!

Have you ever been classically trained and do you have any tips for the women wanting to get into the metal scene?
– After our debut album I took some singing lessons to improve my singing technique. And I felt it very usefull! Actually my teacher was classically trained singer, but I intentionally wanted to avoid to come too much like an opera singer. It suits me better to sing ‘pop-style’ and to our band too. I don’t have any particular tips for women wanting into metal scene. Just if you want to be a part of a metal band, go for it and make your dreams come true. It is not harder for women than for men!

What is the new album going to be like?
– Very good, of course!;) Seriously, we are all very pleased with the album. If I had to describe it by few words, I would say that it is a mystique journey to the nature and to the human soul. The best description to our music is druid metal.

How long did the whole recording process take?
– Recordings started in April 2007 and finished in September 2007. I was really pleased that this time I had enough time to work up and do my singings. When we recorded our first album, I had to record all the singings in couple of days…

Are you guys planning a world tour?
– We are going to do so many gigs that is possible! The dates and venues will be announced as soon as they are agreed. So stay tuned!

What kind of warm ups do you usually do before a show and do you ever get stage fright?
– I do some vocal excercises and try to relax. I am usually quite tense before the show, but when I start to sing, all tensiness will disappear…

What are some countries you would like to visit and play for?
– Well, all the countries in the world. I don’t have any particular favourite place to play.

What are your influences in music? Did you ever have any role models?
– I like all kind of music, especially rock and heavy music. Good melodies are very important to me. Recently I have listened a lot of Jetro Tull, it is very good. But I can’t mention only one role model to me.

It was a pleasure to answer to your questions. I wish you all the best and of course, remember to get our new album and stay heavy!