Unshine is a metal band from Finland. The quintet is fronted by a bright and sweet-voiced singer, Susanna Vesilahti. Since the beginning, the band has preferred term ‘druid metal’, when describing their music. This refers to the all-pervasive nature spirituality themes in their lyrics.

Unshine was formed during 2001 at Helsinki, Finland. In the very beginning of the career, after the self-released 1st demo, the band was invited to perform at European-wide pop-contest in Bilbao, Spain.

In 2004, a Finnish company offered a record deal to the band. The self-recorded and -produced debut album, Earth Magick, was released during 2005 both in Europe and in North America.

During the following years, band toured and prepared the second album, The Enigma of Immortals. The album was recorded and mixed during 2007. After the release in May 2008, the album gained official chart positions in Finland. The songs of the album received airplay in number of radio stations, including Bruce Dickinson's BBC Friday Rock Show. The band made European Tour during spring 2009 playing in countries like Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Lithuania. The band also played number of gigs at Finland and abroad including Sweden Rock 2010 and supported acts like Lake of Tears and Amorphis.

During 2010-2012, the band prepared and recorded the third album. In spring 2012, the band signed a management and booking deal with Armada Agency from the Netherlands. During the autumn of the same year, band inked its’ first record deal with international label, Massacre Records (King Diamond, Legion of the Damned, Coronatus, Eternal Tears of Sorrow, Theatre of Tragedy) from Germany.

The third album Dark Half Rising was released worldwide on the 23rd of August 2013. The thematical album received wide critical acclaim.  The release gig was played at Festival-Mediaval in Selb, Germany. During 2013-14, band promoted the new album touring through Finland.


Susanna Vesilahti (vocals), Harri Hautala (guitar and keyboards), Jari Hautala (guitar), Teemu Vähäkangas (bass) and Jukka Hantula (drums and percussions)


Demos: Promo 2002, Promo 2003,
Albums: Earth Magick (Low Frequency Records, 2005), The Enigma of Immortals (Low Frequency Records, 2008), Dark Half Rising (Massacre Records, 2013)
Singles: Rowena’s Song (2005), Animal Spirit (2008)


Susanna Vesilahti
email: susanna(at)
Harri Hautala
guitar & keyboards
email: harri(at)
Jari Hautala
email: jari(at)
Teemu 'Teemal' Vähäkangas
email: teemu(at)
Jukka 'Stibe' Hantula
email: jukka(at)

Photos by Valtteri Hirvonen